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End-to-End Recruitment Process: The Why and How?

Say it: Recruitment is one tough job. Be it a startup or a medium sized company, recruiting a talented workforce has now become a herculean job given the high competition in the market. That is precisely why even most of the top players in various fields are disbanding their internal recruitment teams in favor of recruitment agencies.

The end-to-end recruitment process not only improves the hiring talent but also helps their in-house departments to focus on their core competencies. Right from analyzing the job requirements the streamlined process entails everything: sourcing, screening, interview assistance, feedbacks, follow up and salary negotiations. Here’s quick walkthrough of the process:

Requirement Analysis:

The first and crucial step of the process includes a thorough analysis of vacancy to be filled. As soon as the requirement shoots up, the recruiter and the concerned executive sit over to discuss the precise technical, commercial skill set desired in the candidate. A job profile is prepared and is submitted for the firm to seek the approval of the client.


This is the step where an RPO service firm can make wonders with their ‘all-out’ sourcing tools and techniques. With the given requirements they can set forth an extensive sourcing process of active and passive candidates through online job boards, search engines, professional groups, internal and external databases, forums and communities.


The extensive sourcing procedure is followed by a preliminary screening that involves reviewing resumes to prepare a list of eligible candidates with requisite skills, experience, and qualification for the vacancy. This stage also involves a telephonic interview to verify the work history and the information on the resume of the candidate after which he is invited for the face to face interview.

Assistance in the interviews:

Once the candidate is deemed to fit the requirements of the vacancy, he is called up for the final interview. When the pool of candidates is comparatively large, Recruitment agencies also provide assistance for interviews too.

Follow up:

When a candidate receives a job offer, it is very important to get it off to a great start in the organization. Similarly, when a candidate is rejected it is important to give him a genuine feedback. Make a good relationship can improve the brand image of the firm which is very important to attract talent. Aimed at improving the candidate experience, a well executed ‘Follow-up’ has to be the most important aspect of the whole recruitment cycle.

Having said all this, the true benefit of this process is its flexibility. It can be tinkered around to fit your needs. While the high-end firms are eager to embrace the process, it is the small and medium-sized firms that are highly benefitted from specialized RPO services given their penchant for high performance with limited budget and resources.