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Resumes Sourcing

Resume SourcingCV supply is one of the parts of the recruitment process outsourcing. We take the job from our clients and deliver then the most appropriate CV's within a short period of time. CV sourcing is essential for every company because nearly all of the candidates post their resumes on job boards instead of applying to the job posts. Resume procurement method that helps small business owners to save money and time. By using wide search, you can find an excellent candidate may be worth to the organization. Many companies and recruitment agencies move toward business process outsourcing contract in order to assist in the control of candidates, as well as to carry out the difficulty of providing CV. This is the only way most organizations and recruitment firms can save your time and cost.

RPO team of expert Research Executives source CVs from multiple leading Job Boards of active candidates to match Job requirements provided by clients.

We recognize “active candidates” from job boards and our internal candidate database and furnish you with their credentials.

If you don't have the time to source resumes yourself and want a steady flow of resumes into your inbox than our resume sourcing agent is the product for you. We work with our clients to understand what type of resumes to source and then create a resume sourcing agent that scourers the open web to find resumes for you.

Elite Recruiter

Elite recruiterOffshore recruitment requires the team to know and understand the global market closely and to apply their efforts following the right strategies, techniques and methods well-documented research. Our experience, the team is dedicated to offshore recruiters, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and according to studies, our main strengths.

What the Real RPO offshore recruiter does:

Real RPO provider’s permanent experienced recruiter's with all the necessary skills, tools and technologies for recruitment process

Our recruiters fully understand the issues of real business that our clients experience on a daily basis. Our added value is that we know your industry and approach assignments from a business point of view.


Job Postings

Job Postings Real RPO portfolio offers integrated Real RPO stack with solution offering your need to effectively and efficiently meet your corporate and hiring goals. Learn more about how Real RPO offers the most comprehensive sourcing professional services and technologies, how it can integrate with your business processes, provide the best operation efficiencies at lowest cost and more.